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NECR472 North Thames Estuary and Marshes Breeding Birds report (NECR472)

This report provides the results of a targeted breeding bird survey conducted on land adjacent to, and upstream of, the Mucking Flats and Marshes Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), notified (in part) for its non-breeding bird interest.

EMEC Ecology conducted a breeding bird survey to determine the distribution and breeding status of target assemblage species associated with the habitats found within the survey area (lowland scrub, lowland farmland, lowland fen, lowland open water and it’s margins, and lowland damp grassland), as defined by the JNCC SSSI Selection Guidelines. Seven survey visits were conducted by up to three surveyors throughout the survey season spanning April – August 2022 inclusive, comprising early morning visits for diurnal species and evening visits for crepuscular and nocturnal species.

A total of 24 confirmed breeding species were recorded from the survey, with an additional 16 probable breeding species and four possible breeding species, listed within the aforementioned habitat assemblages. Breeding status was defined according to the BTO Breeding Status Codes.

The survey area also supported populations of Cetti’s warbler and pochard exceeding 1% of the UKs populations (66 singing males and 13 pairs, respectively).

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NECR472 Edition 1 North Thames Estuary and Marshes breeding bird survey, PDF, 27.9 MB 2023/08/02


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