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Walshaw Moor Estate Catchment Restoration 2017-2042 Plan (MRP002)

Natural England and Walshaw Moor Estate have worked together to design a long term plan to deliver Estate wide environmental benefits. The plan is part of the programme of work to develop similar plans with land managers across the English Uplands to improve important blanket bog habitat. The plan is called the Walshaw Moor Catchment Restoration Plan and contains a series of integrated measures that work together to restore, protect and enhance the blanket bog habitat over the lifetime of the plan from 2018 until 2042. Those measures include grip blocking, molinia control, sphagnum inoculation and gulley restoration together with some infrastructure. The Plan also includes as firefighting track. Careful planning has gone into the design of the track to use the latest techniques and avoid sensitive areas. Most of the track will be a floating stone road, however, an alternative route could not be found for a small area of blanket bog so a wooden rail-road will be used to avoid damage to the site. Given the relative new technology for such wooden rail-roads so monitoring with take place to warn of any effect so that action can be taken before damage occurs. It is an expectation of all the plans that consents for rotational burning on blanket bog will be surrendered and that is the case for Walshaw Catchment Restoration Plan.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
Addendum to Walshaw Moor Catchment Restoration Plan, PDF, 73.2 kB 2020/11/02
Walshaw Moor Estate Catchment Restoration Plan Habitats Regulations Assessment, PDF, 2.7 MB 2018/02/14
Walshaw Moor Estate Catchment Restoration Plan 2017-2042, PDF, 3.0 MB 2018/02/12
Walshaw Moor Withdrawal and modification of consent, PDF, 1.3 MB 2018/02/12