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Low tide survey of The Wash Special Protection Area, Final report of the winter 2002-2003 shorebird survey (ENRR589)

This report describes the methods used and the results of low tide surveys of shorebirds and wildfowl feeding and roosting on the intertidal mud- and sand-flats of the Wash Special Protection Area (SPA) made during winter 2002-03.

The entire area of intertidal mud- and sand-flats was surveyed at low tide and the numbers and distribution of feeding waders (Charadrii) and shelduck Tadorna tadorna and roosting wildfowl, sea ducks and waders were recorded and mapped. This is the first time any such survey has included all the intertidal mud- and sand-flat areas, previous ones having been confined to either the inner banks alone, or to the inner banks plus parts of the outer banks of the Wash.

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ENRR589, PDF, 1.5 MB 2011/10/06


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