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Over view of coastal sand dunes, saltmarsh and vegetated shingle by Natural Area (ENRR317)

This 1999 report was produced to provide an overview of coastal sand dunes, saltmarshes and vegetated shingle structures within 24 coastal Natural Areas, based on the Core Profiles. Each coastal Natural Area’s contribution to the total national resource of these habitatswais assessed, based on the existing national inventories. Key sites and species are indicated and key issues and aims are identified. Other coastal habitats, such as intertidal mud and sand flats, saline lagoons and maritime cliffs are not covered by this report. This report should be viewed as a source document which draws together information on three coastal habitats in a Natural Area context. The report aimed to:

  • Indicate the significance of a coastal Natural Area for coastal sand dunes, saltmarsh and vegetated shingle and put this into a national context; assist with the targeting of resources and actions, such as Habitat Action Plans.
  • Identify issues common to a number of Natural Areas and contribute to the development of policy and mechanisms to address these.
  • Contribute to raising awareness and developing knowledge of coastal habitats.

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