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Information on Nature Based Solutions as Nutrient Mitigation (NBS2024)

The following series of reports were commissioned by Natural England to build knowledge and understanding on a range of nature-based solutions which potentially could be used to reduce nutrients. Ricardo was commissioned by Natural England to understand the mechanisms of nutrient removal for the following 4 different solutions:

  • Agroforestry
  • Riparian Buffer Strips
  • River Channel Naturalisation
  • Engineered Logjams

The report investigates the factors which affect these and to review the evidence on the scale of nutrient reductions that they could achieve. This final report presents the outcomes of the literature review and provides recommendations for precautionary nutrient reduction efficiency values, where there was sufficient evidence to determine these, which could be used in the assessment of nutrient neutrality mitigation schemes. The reports consist of 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Literature Review (provides the evidence base on the effectiveness of four different Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for nutrient mitigation including the methodology applied)
  • Part 2: Frameworks for the above solutions (considers the design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance needs and how to determine an upfront scheme specific nutrient reduction)
  • Part 3: Nutrient Mitigation Tool (a user-friendly lookup tool with high-level practical information on a wider range of potential nutrient mitigation solutions)

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
NECR538 Evidence Base Development for Nature-Based Nutrient Mitigation Solutions – Literature Review, PDF, 1.2 MB 2024/03/07
NECR539 Information on How to Deliver and Assess Agroforestry for Nutrient Mitigation, PDF, 913.5 kB 2024/03/07
NECR541 Information on How to Deliver and Assess Riparian Buffer Strips for Nutrient Mitigation, PDF, 1.0 MB 2024/03/07
NECR542 Information on How to Deliver and Assess River Channel Re-Naturalisation for Nutrient Mitigation, PDF, 944.6 kB 2024/03/07
NECR544 Nutrient Mitigation Tool, XLSM, 804.0 kB 2024/03/07
NECR545 Information on How to Deliver and Assess Engineered Logjams for Nutrient Mitigation, PDF, 918.8 kB 2024/03/07