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Records for this category

Title Code Published
Agricultural landscapes: 33 years of change CA220 2006/10/24
Assessment of the effects of Environmental Stewardship on landscape character NECR158 2014/09/29
Bracken management: ecological, archaeological and landscape issues and priorities TIN047 2008/10/16
Climate change and natural forces - the consequences for landscape character (Topic paper 9) 2002/04/04
Countryside Character Volume 1: North East 2004/09/28
Countryside Character Volume 2: North West 2004/10/21
Countryside Character Volume 3: Yorkshire & The Humber 2004/10/16
Countryside Character Volume 4: East Midlands 2004/10/19
Countryside Character Volume 5: West Midlands 2004/10/22
Countryside Character Volume 6: East of England 2004/10/22
Countryside Character Volume 7: South East & London 2004/11/15
Countryside Character Volume 8: South West 2004/10/22
Draft Planning Policy Statement 22 (PPS22): Renewable Energy 2002/04/04
  Dungeness before 1960: the landscape and the people ENRR571 2005/03/01
East Midlands Region Landscape Character Assessment 2010/04/01
Econets, landscape & people: Integrating people's values and cultural ecosystem services into the design of ecological networks and other landscape change proposals NECR180 2015/05/19
England’s changing landscapes: A review of landscape change in England from 1940 to 2010 NECR109 2013/02/21
European Landscape Convention 2009/04/01
Experiencing Landscapes: Capturing the cultural services and experiential qualities of landscape NECR024 2009/10/09
Experiencing Landscapes: Towards a judgement-making framework for ‘cultural services’ and ‘experiential qualities’ NECR045 2011/12/06
Framework for monitoring environmental outcomes in protected landscapes NERR055 2014/03/31
Grazing your landscape NE55 2008/01/01
Green Bridges: A literature review NECR181 2015/07/27
Including landscape in road design, construction and mitigation CA217 2006/03/01
  LM0425: Assessing the Effect of Policy Interventions on Agricultural Landscapes RP00631 2016/01/14
  Land use change at the urban:rural fringe and in the wider countryside 2006/01/02
  Landscape Change in National Parks CCP359 1991/05/20
Landscape Character Assessment - how stakeholders can help (Topic paper 3) 2002/04/04
  Landscape Character Assessment Guidance for England and Scotland 2002/01/01
  Landscape Character Assessment topic papers 2002/10/01
Landscape Indicators for Strategic Environmental Assessments of Local Transport Plans – issues to consider 2005/07/08
  Landscape: beyond the view 2006/01/02
Links to other sustainability tools (Topic paper 2) 2002/04/04
Potential landscape/seascape and visual impacts of a Severn Barrage 2007/03/01
Recent Practice and the evolution of Landscape Character Assessment (Topic paper 1) 2002/04/04
Research to Support the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention in England 2008/03/31
Review and evaluation of heritage coasts in England 2006/04/01
  Stars of the East: the East of England's finest landscapes 2004/02/02
Summary of Evidence: Landscape EIN013 2015/12/10
Techniques and criteria for judging capacity and sensitivity (Topic paper 6) 2002/04/04
  The Living Landscapes Project: landscape character and biodiversity: Final report ENRR475 2004/08/02
Tracking change in the English Landscape 1st assessment 1990-1998 2004/06/01
Tracking change in the English Landscape 2nd assessment 1998 - 2003 2007/06/01
Understanding Historic Landscape Character (Topic paper 5) 2002/04/04
Use of GIS and other computer methods (Topic paper 4) 2002/04/04
  Using concept statements in a sensitive landscape CRN36 2003/10/01
  ‘Opportunity maps’ for landscape-scale conservation of biodiversity: A good practice study ENRR641 2005/11/09