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Habitat Restoration Project: fact sheets and bibliographies (ENRR260)

A great deal of information is now availablc on habitat restoration, including the excellent leaflets produced by organisations such as the Game Conservancy Trust, FWAG and RSPB. This very abundance can be confusing for those wanting assistance in designing habitat creation schemes. Therefore a series of fact sheets has been designed to bring together the basic information needed to start a scheme, and to provide details on where to find further material. They are intended for the use of Conservation Advisors, those undertaking research into habitat creation and others involved in such projects.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR260 - part 1, PDF, 939.9 kB 2011/11/16
ENRR260 - part 2, PDF, 2.9 MB 2011/11/16
ENRR260 - part 3, PDF, 2.2 MB 2011/11/16
ENRR260 - part 4, PDF, 2.4 MB 2011/11/16
ENRR260 - part 5, PDF, 2.4 MB 2011/11/16