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The conservation and management of unconsolidated geological sections (ENRR563)

This report addresses the technical issues involved in conserving unconsolidated sediments, in particular Quaternary deposits. These are generally composed of sands, gravels and clays, deposited in the last 2 million years. These sediments are of particular importance as they contain detailed information on the recent development of the British Isles, during and since the last Ice Age, including the archaeological record. The report provides an outline of site investigation techniques and reviews a variety of stabilisation methods that may provide options for conserving this group of SSSIs. It will be of interest to developers and planners, as well as conservation staff.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR563 part 1, PDF, 823.6 kB 2011/11/10
ENRR563 part 2, PDF, 83.6 kB 2011/11/10