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NECR489 The Impact of Conservation Grazing on GHG emissions (NECR489)

The purpose of this work, within the remit of Natural England to conserve and enhance the natural environment, was to demonstrate the climate impact of conservation grazing. It aimed to provide climate context to the value that conservation grazing provides to habitat management.

To do this, an Excel-based tool was developed that allows users to compare the relative climate impacts (Greenhouse gas emissions) of using different conservation grazing species and breeds to manage a variety of different habitats. It relies on the user understanding the conservation outcome they are aiming to achieve but helps them determine the least climate impact they can have for that outcome.

A number of case study examples are provided (main report) to illustrate the use of the tool. A major finding from building the tool was the significant evidence and data gaps that exist in this research field. It is recommended that future research should concentrate on addressing these gaps before any firm conclusions can be made concerning the Greenhouse gas emissions of conservation grazing systems.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
NECR489 The Impact of Conservation Grazing on GHG emissions, PDF, 858.9 kB 2024/02/26
NECR489 Conservation Grazing Appendices, PDF, 888.9 kB 2024/02/26
NECR489 Conservation Grazing Climate Calculator, XLSX, 208.0 kB 2024/02/26