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NEER027 Provision and management of greenspaces (NEER027)

The Rapid Evidence Review explores the utilization and enjoyment derived from green spaces and routes in urban and adjacent areas, it aims to identify design features that encourage their use. Following Defra’s Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) guidelines, it examines academic literature. The review addresses key landscape features, facilities, and interventions enhancing attractiveness, carrying capacity, and enjoyment of greenspaces and routes.

Findings reveal that a balance between natural and landscaped elements, biodiversity, maintenance, accessibility, and safety provisions significantly influence attractiveness. Street greening and diverse green routes, coupled with connectivity and community involvement, enhance usage. Additionally, provision of varied facilities caters to diverse user needs and demographics, promoting enjoyment. Safety perceptions and management practices, including maintenance standards and community engagement, play pivotal roles.

Furthermore, the review suggests that organized events, cultural facilities, and user participation initiatives increase usage and enjoyment, particularly among underrepresented groups. The review acknowledges limitations such as methodological constraints and the validity of conclusions in relations to other factors affecting enjoyment and experiences and generalisability across wider populations and geographical areas as well as a lack of studies on seasonal variations.

In conclusion, the review underscores the multifaceted nature of promoting green space usage and enjoyment, emphasizing the importance of diverse design elements, community engagement, and management practices tailored to local contexts and user preferences.

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