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National Nature Reserves open data (NNR001)

These datasets concern National Nature Reserves in England. Two of the datasets give an insight into the expansion of NNRs in England since their inception in the early 1950s. The other three enable the user to evaluate the relationship between NNRs and other conservation designations, priority habitats and urban areas.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
NNR001 NNR Designation-Habitats-Ownership pivots, XLS, 466.4 kB 2016/06/23
NNR001 NNR contiguous with urban areas, XLS, 785.4 kB 2016/06/23
NNR001 Individual NNR declaration dates, XLS, 135.2 kB 2016/06/23
NNR001 NNR first declaration dates, XLSX, 25.9 kB 2016/06/23
NNR001 NNR areas outside SSSIs, XLSX, 20.6 kB 2016/06/23