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Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan Template (JP058)

A habitat management and monitoring plan (HMMP) is a detailed plan that outlines how the land will be managed over at least 30 years to:

  • create and enhance habitats for biodiversity net gain (BNG)
  • manage and monitor the BNG

There is separate GOV.UK Guidance on Creating a habitat management and monitoring plan for BNG available here.

Download the following templates and support documents from the bottom of this page:

  • Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan Template
  • Companion Document
  • HMMP Template Checklist
  • Small Sites Metric HMMP Template
  • Small Sites Metric HMMP Template Habitat Guide

The template incorporates supporting guidance.

The templates are a guide to follow. Discuss any additional requirements for your management and monitoring plan with your Local Planning Authority.

Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan Template

The main template is a tool to help structure management and monitoring plans to demonstrate how habitat creation, enhancement, management and monitoring will be undertaken.

It is suitable for projects of all sizes and for both on-site and off-site units. Any development project, consenting body or landowner can specify use of it to provide the management and monitoring information for the project or site in a standardised and consistent format.

Companion Document

The Companion Document is for use with the main HMMP Template. It contains templates for each broad habitat type used in the statutory biodiversity metric. It also assists authors in completing the ‘Environmental Information’, ‘Creation, Enhancement and Management’ and ‘Monitoring’ sections. Tailor the plan for your site or project by copying the relevant tables into the main template.

HMMP Checklist

The ‘HMMP Checklist’ provides a summary of the main HMMPT headings and is included with the associated resources. Author and reviewer can scan this list to inform which details to include, or that are included, in the plan. Alternatively, use the checklist to list and link to relevant supporting documents, and to accompany the templated details if required.

Small Sites Metric HMMP Template 

The Small Sites Metric HMMP template can only be used on sites that meet the criteria for ‘small sites’ as defined in The Small Sites Metric (Statutory Biodiversity Metric) User Guide available here.

Small Sites Metric HMMP Template Habitat Guide

The Small Sites Metric HMMPT Habitat Guide provides descriptions of proposed habitat types and conditions allowed in the Small Sites Metric (SSM). The purpose is to assist SSM users, who may not be professional ecologists, in preparing plans for long-term management. The Habitat Guide is not suitable for informing the management and monitoring plans for BNG associated with major developments or more complex habitats.

Additional Tools

The following additional resources are also available:

  • Monitoring Report Template
  • Monitoring Report Quantitative Summary Template

The Monitoring Report Template can help structure progress report updates on the delivery of the Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan to the relevant authority.

The Word template facilitates presentation of the details needed to evidence the progress of the monitoring. The Excel template is for the records of the key quantitative data in a concise format.

Further Resources

Find out how to use the HMMP Template and where to find relevant guidance (Youtube Video)

Find CIEEM information and advice on a range of relevant topics including guidance documents, case studies and webinar presentations.

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HMMPT Companion Document 1.0, DOCX, 509.5 kB 2023/11/28
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HMMPT Monitoring Report Template 1.1 (Word), DOCX, 102.0 kB 2024/05/09
HMMPT Monitoring Report Template 1.1 (Excel), XLSX, 29.6 kB 2024/05/13
Small Sites Metric HMMP Template, DOCX, 143.4 kB 2024/03/26
SMM HMMPT Habitat Guide V2.0, PDF, 437.9 kB 2024/04/29