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Littoral & sublittoral biotope mapping and data capture exercise for the Essex Estuaries Candidate Marine Special Area of Conservation (ENRR305)

This 1998 report discussed the designation of the candidate Special Area of Conservation (cSAC) and the main features for which this site was selected. It then lists the biotopes present in the site and their approximate area (km2). The site is then split into sections for a more detailed review of the littoral and sublittoral biotopes present. Maps are provided to show the distribution of the biotopes within the cSAC. The report specifically discusses the following areas within the candidate SAC:

  • Foulness and Maplin Sands;
  • Crouch and Roach Estuaries;
  • Dengie Flats and surrounding area;
  • Blackwater Estuary;
  • River Colne;
  • mouth of the Colne/Blackwater Estuaries.

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