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Latchmore Brook Restoration Options Appraisal (NECR143)

Latchmore Brook (New Forest SSSI unit 48) is presently in unfavourable recovering condition having been adversely impacted by artificial drainage and engineering. The channel has been artificially deepened and straightened resulting in increased erosion of the river bed and reduced channel habitat diversity. Channel incision has also limited seasonal inundation of the surrounding floodplain grassland and woodland habitats. Response to straightening has not been limited to the main watercourse with knick point erosion progressing along some of the natural and artificial drainage lines linked to the watercourse and this is causing increased erosion within the mire systems, wet heath and grassland habitats. The Forestry Commission restoration plan for Latchmore Brook (New Forest SSSI unit 48) involves restoring a sinuous palaeo-channel course to the river and infilling the straightened channel as well as measures to control instability in the feeder streams and drains. More recently a hydromorphic audit of the SSSI1 noted similar hydromorphic issues on Latchmore Brook to the Forestry Commission. This report suggested encouraging wider development of anastomosing channels.

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NECR143 edition 1 - Latchmore Brook Restoration Options Appraisal, PDF, 6.6 MB 2014/03/07

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