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Restoration scheme for Bolton Fell Moss (MRP001)

Bolton Fell Moss is a lowland raised bog situated in the north of Cumbria, UK. It lies within the parishes of Hethersgill, Walton and Stapleton. Restoration works are required following the designation of Bolton Fell Moss as a Site of Community Importance. This accords European wide importance to Bolton Fell Moss and places duties on the UK government to restore the moss in accordance with its obligations under European law.

The aim of the restoration is to re-establish an active peat forming mire surface within 30 years. These restoration scheme documents have been prepared by Natural England and form part of the documentation accompanying a planning application for the restoration works. For other documents related to the planning application see Cumbria County Council Environment and Planning. For more information on our work on Bolton Fell Moss see our regional page on the Restoration of Bolton Fell Moss.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
Bolton Fell Moss: restoration plan part 1, PDF, 998.3 kB 2013/11/11
Bolton Fell Moss: restoration plan part 2, PDF, 15.2 MB 2013/11/11
Bolton Fell Moss: restoration plan part 3, PDF, 8.8 MB 2013/11/11