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Conservation status of the adder in Greater London (ENRR666)

The adder Vipera berus has suffered drastic declines in Greater London during the twentieth century, and is currently confirmed from four sites. Much of the open habitat adders need has been lost and the remaining habitats are highly fragmented, resulting in isolation and viability issues for the remaining populations. In 2004 LEHART was commissioned by English Nature as lead for the London Biodiversity Partnership’s Reptiles Action Plan to undertake a two part project. The aim was to produce an evaluation of the status of adder in Greater London to inform future conservation action and to produce management briefs to enhance the status of confirmed populations in Greater London.

Downloads available for this record

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ENRR666 part 1, PDF, 1.7 MB 2011/10/13
ENRR666 part 2 RIN, PDF, 125.2 kB 2011/10/13


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