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The potential contribution of the mineral extraction industries to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (ENRR279)

This study shows that the minerals industries have a significant part to play in implementing the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, particularly because mineral companies have substantial land holdings which sustain habitats and species of nature conservation value, and the ability to create new habitats. The industries have the capability to be significant partners in Action Plans for priority habitats and species and in Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPS). A series of case examples examincd for this study shows that many companies are already involved at the site level in a variety of actions.

Downloads available for this record

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ENRR279 part 1, PDF, 2.3 MB 2011/11/16
ENRR279 part 2, PDF, 1.7 MB 2011/11/16
ENRR279 part 3, PDF, 2.5 MB 2011/11/16
ENRR279 part 4, PDF, 2.5 MB 2011/11/16
ENRR279 part 5, PDF, 2.5 MB 2011/11/16
ENRR279 part 6, PDF, 2.5 MB 2011/11/16
ENRR279 part 7, PDF, 2.2 MB 2011/11/16