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Coastal Access - Natural England’s Approved Scheme, 2013 (NE446)

This is Version 2 of the Coastal Access Scheme (“the Scheme”), which is the methodology for implementation of the England Coast Path and associated coastal margin of coastal land. It replaces the previous version of the Scheme (NE269) for the purposes of all coastal access reports published by Natural England after the date of its approval.

Part 9 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (“the 2009 Act”)1 aims to improve public access to, and enjoyment of, the English coastline by creating clear and consistent public rights along the English coast for open-air recreation on foot. It allows existing coastal access to be secured and improved and new access to be created in coastal places where it did not already exist.

Due to the size of the document it is also provided in sections to ease downloading and printing.
Further information

Please see below the 2019 Technical Commentary on Scheme in relation to the European case law known as People over Wind.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
England Coast Path Scheme Technical Memorandum 2019, PDF, 133.3 kB 2019/10/29
NE446:Coastal Access - Natural England Approved Scheme, 2013, PDF, 13.7 MB 2013/07/10
Contents, PDF, 223.6 kB 2013/07/10
Chapters 1 and 2. Background and Statutory framework, PDF, 646.7 kB 2013/07/10
Chapter 3. The implementation process, PDF, 274.5 kB 2013/07/10
Chapter 4. Public interests, PDF, 591.9 kB 2013/07/10
Chapter 5. Interests of owners and occupiers, PDF, 225.9 kB 2013/07/10
Chapter 6: Striking an appropriate balance, PDF, 347.0 kB 2013/07/10
Chapter 7. Coastal land cover and landforms, PDF, 512.9 kB 2013/07/10
Chapter 8. Coastal land use issues, PDF, 610.1 kB 2013/07/10
Chapter 9. Illustrated examples open coast, PDF, 1.0 MB 2013/07/10
Chapter 10. Additional considerations at estuaries, PDF, 239.2 kB 2013/07/10
Chapter 11. Illustrated examples estuaries, PDF, 1.1 MB 2013/07/10
Glossary of terms, PDF, 275.9 kB 2013/07/10

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