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Validation Network Project. Upland habitats covering – blanket bog, dry dwarf shrub heath, wet dwarf shrub heath and Ulex gallii Dwarf shrub heath (ENRR564)

English Nature together with the other UK statutory nature conservation agencies were committed to monitoring condition on designated sites under the Common Standards framework. This report set out the timing and broad structure for monitoring approaches in each agency. English Nature aimed to establish a system for assessing the condition of SSSI features in order to meet the Governments Public Service Agreement target of 95% of SSSI features in favourable condition by 2010. Information on the trends in feature condition is needed to identify obstacles that were preventing favourable condition being achieved for all SSSI features.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR564 RIN, PDF, 109.2 kB 2011/10/06
ENRR564 Main, PDF, 3.7 MB 2011/10/06