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A tool for assessing the current conservation status of vascular plants on SSSIs in England (ENRR690)

Botanists identified a need for a single, definitive, readily up-dateable master-list – a ‘one-stop shop’ where Conservation Officers could go to find out the conservation status of vascular plants in England, along with detailed guidance on how to use such information when preparing Conservation Objectives and carrying out Common Standards Monitoring of vascular plant Notified Features on SSSIs.

This report comprises a detailed guidance note, a flow chart and a semi-automated vascular plant master-spreadsheet. The flow chart and spreadsheet can be applied to all SSSIs, whether or not they were originally notified for a vascular plant species interest, as well as to candidate SSSIs and other areas where ecologists are assessing potential vascular plant interest features.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR690, PDF, 1.0 MB 2011/10/11