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Freshwater wetlands in England: a natural areas approach (ENRR204)

English Nature has developed the use of biogeographical units known as Natural Areas to set priorities for nature conservation, reflecting greater ecological integrity than the administrative boundaries usually adopted. Core profiles have been developed by local team staff to describe the significant features, habitats and species associated with each Natural Area. This report summarises the information collected pertaining to the freshwater wetland resource, supplemented by information from the wetland SSSI database and other sources. This information is presented in a series of wetland profiles for each natural Area.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR204 - part 1, PDF, 3.0 MB 2011/11/22
ENRR204 - part 2, PDF, 3.1 MB 2011/11/22
ENRR204 - part 3, PDF, 3.1 MB 2011/11/22
ENRR204 - part 4, PDF, 2.3 MB 2011/11/22
ENRR204 - part 5, PDF, 2.5 MB 2011/11/22
ENRR204 - part 6, PDF, 1.9 MB 2011/11/22