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Mapping extent of burn management in the North Pennines: Review of extent years 2001-2003 (ENRR698)

Burning has been used as a management tool from the time of the first forest clearances. Within the last two hundred years, advances in game and livestock husbandry (coupled with agricultural subsidy) have resulted in the intensification of management of many upland areas. One of the key areas has been the intensification of burning to promote a flush of growth for both red grouse and sheep. In an attempt to understand the intensity of burning as a management tool, English Nature commissioned work to investigate the scale across the English uplands (Yallop and others 2006). This contract followed up the earlier work by looking at one area in greater detail.

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ENRR698 part 6, PDF, 116.1 kB 2011/10/12
ENRR698 part 5, PDF, 2.2 MB 2011/10/12
ENRR698 part 4, PDF, 3.2 MB 2011/10/12
ENRR698 part 3, PDF, 3.2 MB 2011/10/12
ENRR698 part 2, PDF, 2.4 MB 2011/10/12
ENRR698 part 1, PDF, 164.9 kB 2011/10/12