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Ecosystem services

Services and benefits provided by ecosystems and their natural processes. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A Natural Capital Strategy for North Devon NERR083 2020/05/21
Accounting for National Nature Reserves: A Natural Capital Account of the National Nature Reserves managed by Natural England NERR078 2019/02/21
  Adopting an ecosystem approach for improved stewardship of the maritime environment: some overarching issues ENRR538 2003/01/01
Assessing and evaluating the cultural services of the South Pennines ecosystem services pilot NECR128 2013/10/11
Assessing the potential for mapping ecosystem services in England based on existing habitats NERR056 2014/09/05
Carbon storage by habitat: Review of the evidence of the impacts of management decisions and condition of carbon stores and sources NERR043 2012/05/29
  Community strategies and the integration of biodiversity - an assessment of progress in England, February 2005 ENRR644 2005/06/03
Delivering nature’s services NE225 2009/01/01
Delivering the ecosystem approach on the ground – an evaluation of the upland ecosystem service pilots NERR046 2012/12/07
  Developing the concepts of good environmental status and marine ecosystem objectives: some important considerations ENRR689 2011/01/01
Economic valuation of uplands ecosystem services NECR029 2009/11/12
Ecosystem services from Environmental Stewardship that benefit agricultural production NECR102 2012/08/16
  England’s Ecosystem Services, A preliminary assessment of three habitat types: broad-leaved woodland, the inter-tidal zone and fresh-water wetlands ENRR701 2006/09/19
Evaluation of the Upland Ecosystem Service Pilots NECR254 2018/09/10
Evaluation of the Upland Ecosystem Service Pilots: Bassenthwaite NERR077 2018/09/10
Green Bridges: A literature review NECR181 2015/07/27
Is Corporate Natural Capital Accounting appropriate for monitoring nature reserves? An assessment for National Nature Reserves managed by Natural England NERR072 2017/10/30
  Managing Ecosystem Services Evidence Review (Formerly Ecosystem Services Transfer Toolkit NECR159) JP033 2020/08/26
Managing soil biota to deliver ecosystem services NECR100 2012/10/04
  Mapping Natural Capital RP02404 2016/03/31
Mapping values: the vital nature of our uplands – an atlas linking environment and people NE209 2009/01/01
Marine ecosystem services NECR088 2012/02/08
Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment - review NERR033 2012/03/01
Monitoring and modelling ecosystem services: A scoping study for the ecosystem services pilots NECR073 2011/12/01
NEWP32 Transport green corridors: options appraisal and opportunity mapping NECR168 2014/12/15
National Natural Capital Atlas: Mapping Indicators NECR285 2020/02/13
Natural Capital Atlases: Mapping Indicators for County and City Regions NECR318 2020/07/03
Natural Capital Investment Opportunities for North Devon NECR292 2020/05/21
No Charge? Valuing the natural environment: Technical report NERR032 2010/04/15
No charge? Valuing the natural environment NE220 2009/01/01
Review of literature: how transport’s soft estate has enhanced green infrastructure, ecosystem services, and transport resilience in the EU NECR169 2014/12/15
Root Cause Analysis for the North Devon Landscape Pioneer NECR291 2020/05/21
Summary of evidence: The ecosystem approach and a secure future environment EIN006 2015/03/10
The Ecosystem Approach - Coherent actions for marine and coastal environments CORP168 2004/01/01
The effects of trees and scrub on ecosystem services and biodiversity in the UK uplands a scoping review NEER013 2019/12/20
  The structure and functioning of marine ecosystems: an environmental protection and management perspective ENRR699 2006/08/01
Upland Ecosystems Service: assessing the links between environment, land management and service delivery for 4 key services NECR028 2009/11/12
Upland ecosystem services: Phase I NECR020 2010/02/26
Upper Fowey Pont Pill MCZ Intertidal Baseline Survey ER18-372 2020/07/17
Valuing Ecosystem Services: Case Studies from Lowland England NECR101 2012/08/15
Valuing land-use and management changes in the Keighley and Watersheddles catchment NERR044 2012/05/09
Valuing nature's services: moving towards payments for ecosystem services and conservation credits in the English Uplands NE0136 2013/07/18